Design + Build + Install

All projects are designed, built, and installed by our talented staff
Whether you are a designer, general contractor or a home owner, our design service incorporates a multifaceted approach to cabinetry that will suit all your cabinet needs. Our experienced, in-house designers can help you design cabinetry for your new home or come up with a new look for your renovation project. We take projects from simple sketches or detailed blue prints and turn them into fine quality cabinetry at reasonable costs. It would be our pleasure to discuss all the design possibilities with you for your cabinetry project.
Our dedicated shop and showroom in Cobble Hill, BC is where almost everything is made and finished on site, giving you the best design flexibility. As a custom manufacturer, we are not restricted to a certain door style or cabinet size. We can take a customer's ideas, design it & then manufacture it the way the customer envisions. Each job is drawn on our state of the art cabinet drafting software where cabinets are sized to best suit the room layout, incorporating the customer's ideas and choices. A choice of a vast number of accessories can also added at the customer's request.
  • They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we at Creative Woodcraft believe it’s true. Whether small or large, the kitchen has become the gathering point of the home.
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