The Cabinetry Process

A good process drives good results

The Creative Woodcraft team believes that a good process drives good results. We provide each Customer with an overview of our process at the beginning; the Customer knows up front how we’ll work together, what can be expected from us, and what we will expect from you. 

The six phases of the Creative Woodcraft cabinetry process are:

  • Phase 1 - Dreams & Designs
  • Phase 2 - Expectations & Quote
  • Phase 3 - Finalization & Sign off
  • Phase 4 - Manufacturing
  • Phase 5 - Delivery
  • Phase 6 - Installation

Click here to view the detailed Creative Woodcraft process.

  • They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we at Creative Woodcraft believe it’s true. Whether small or large, the kitchen has become the gathering point of the home.
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